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AwardsBid Reveal Coastal Cheer and Dance Competition

23 January 2019

It was Bid Revel Night.  Every Monday after we compete at a Varsity Event we gather and hope we receive an opportunity to cheer down ion Disney World.  With Teal Mania and Teal Reign already having At Large Bids, we knew they wouldn’t be considered.  We were hopeful that either Teal Shock or Teal Fury received one.    We had a packed house as we weren’t sure at all how this was going to play out.  Both Fury, and Shock teammates gathered along with many other of our Teal Family.   This weekend we attended Coastal Cheer and Dance so it would come up sooner rather than later.

As owners we usually have an idea of where we stand with Bids at the end of a competition . However, the ladies of EVO couldn’t figure it out as there were many ties at this competition.  The tiebreaker policy was the team with the least Deductions followed by the team with the highest performance value.  We already knew there was a Level 4 team that outscored everyone and they would receive it.  We knew Shock’s performance value was higher than Fury’s however not sure about all the other teams.  Then BOOM…



What this means is that Shock cheers on Friday in the Quarter finals with a chance to go to Finals on Sunday if they come in the top five of the round. We now can try an upgrade for a Paid bid.  next opportunities are Battle at the Capitol in February 23rd, 24th and Wild wood in March 16th,17th.

We currently have two At large bids for two of our teams and we have one more team to go.

Teal Neal


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