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CompetitionsCoastal Cheer and Dance Competition 1/19/19

20 January 2019

Today is Sunday, January 20th and we are back in the gym fresh off of our last competition yesterday in Trenton NJ.  We brought 8 teams to compete at this event and I have to say they were all awesome.  It started nice and early, as soon as the doors open at 7:30am.  First up to bat this morning was Teal Craze.  They were fresh off a 1st place finish from Atlantic City the prior week.  The girls took the mat and crushed it.  Coach Devin was very happy with their performance.  Now it was Teal Power’s turn.  Coach Debra was determined to get her power puff girls in the winner’s circle.  They hit the mat and did everything we asked of them.  We were so proud of them.  Next up Teal Smash…..Choo Choo Charlie and his angels were ready. They were prepared to go up against their one and only competitor. They smashed it.

The first awards session of the day was now upon us. Teal Craze came in 2nd place by .40 points, Teal Power came in second place due to a Safety Violation.  We fought hard to get this deduction removed, as it was for a move that we haven’t been cited for at the other two National Events we attended this year. We were not happy about it. Teal Smash came out on top in first place.  This competition gave each winner a medal and a Championship trophy.

Next session we had four more teams.  Teal Mania, Teal Fury, Teal Reign, and Teal Burst.  Mania was first and they didn’t disappoint.  Next up Teal Fury. In our opinion, Teal Fury has been exceptional however, they haven’t been receiving the love they deserve. Well they rocked the floor and had everyone pumped with their performance.  Now it was Reign’s turn to shine.  They absolutely hit it out of the park.  Last but not least our Mini Level 2, Teal Burst. They were awesome. Unfortunately, with this division they have never competed against anyone yet.

The second awards session was upon us and we were very confident with all our teams.  All fours teams came out on top in first place.  We couldn’t be happier!!

Now it was Teal Shock’s time to Shock the World.  Mind you, we had an injury on Wednesday and we needed a replacement who could take on the challenge of learning the routine in one day .  Gab Rodriguez, a former cheerleader of ours stepped up to the plate. She didn’t have to tumble but she had two important roles, stunting and the dreaded dance.  Well the Shockers shocked everyone with an excellent performance.  Gab made it through and we are extremely proud of her.

The last awards session was now here and we are nervous. We knew they did well but didn’t have a chance to see all of the competitors’ performances.  THEY DID IT!!  They came in first place and they were pumped.

Tune in tomorrow night for the bid reveal. We are hoping either Teal Fury or Teal Shock can get a Wild Card!!

Teal Neal



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