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15 January 2019

Every Monday after a weekend full of Varsity Cheer competitions, Varsity has their bid reveal.  They post the video on Varsity TV at about 8:30 PM Eastern Time.  We had a packed house yesterday hoping one of our teams would get the opportunity to cheer at the D2 Summit in Disney World.  For these athletes, I would equate the D2 Summit to the World Series. As the video starts to play, you must wait as they go through all of the competitions in Alphabetical order.  This weekend we attended Spirit Cheer so we had a bit of a wait until they got to the letter S.

As owners we usually have an idea of where we stand with Bids at the end of a competition . However, the ladies of EVO couldn’t figure it out at the time we left because there were a few more awards sessions to go for this competition. Fingers and Toes were crossed and wait for it….



What this means is that Reign cheers on Saturday in the Semifinals with a chance to go to Finals on Sunday depending on how they do.  We are extremely proud of these kids and can’t wait to get in the gym to get ready for this weekend’s competition.

We currently have two At large bids for two of our teams and we have two teams to go.

Teal Neal


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