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CompetitionsSpirit Cheer Beast of the East Competition

14 January 2019

The Beast of the East came and went.  Evolution Cheer Teal Takeover began Friday, January 11th when we arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We brought down a total of eight teams with us and were pretty confident with each team going into the event.  Our two Prep Teams, Teal Smash – Tiny Prep Level 1 and Teal Craze – Mini Prep Level 1 were first to compete on  Saturday, their one and only day of competition. Each team performed their hearts out and we are proud to say that Teal Smash won first place out of two teams and Teal Craze won first place out of four teams. Our remaining six teams competed on day 1 and day 2.  This year they imposed a new floating scoring system of 25% and 75%.  In years past your score on day 1 counted as 25% and  your score on day 2 counted as 75%.  So you really needed to do well on Day 2.  This year, the day with your highest score received the 75% and the next day received 25%.  Every team was well prepared and came ready to battle.  However, competition is fierce at Beast of the East.

All of our coaches were extremely focused and made sure these kids were ready for the challenge they were being presented.  In the warm ups, they fixed the little things and the coaches gave their pep talks to help the kids get over their nervousness.  We are proud of the athletes and coaches and the successful weekend that they produced.  We can’t win them all, but we can always learn from our mistakes and go back to the gym and work harder to achieve greatness.

Here are the results:

Teal Power Mini Level 1 3rd place out of 5 teams

Teal Burst Mini Level 2 1st Place (They were the only team competing)

Teal Fury Youth Level 1 Medium 2nd Place out of 3 teams

Teal Mania Youth Level 3 1st Place out of 3 teams

Teal Reign Junior Level 2 Medium 1st Place out of 2 teams

Teal Shock Senior Level 3 Coed 2nd Place out of 7 teams

We are extremely proud of all of our athletes.  This is a very tough competition and they gave it their best.

Teal Smash                                Teal Craze                               Teal Power                                  Teal Burst


Teal Fury                                    Teal Mania                             Teal Reign                               Teal Shock





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